Below is a snippet of my incessant documenting of nature, beautiful places, family trips (sans the faces), and interesting items that catch my lense. Some details to follow in blog posts. Meanwhile, please connect at m(at)shisharki(dot)com if you’re curious to find out more about anything featured in the gallery, and I’ll happily oblige with the story. These images carry joy and inspiration, and I hope they’ll bring a smile to your day.


In Search of A Fortress
An expedition with my dad to uncover remains of Marichino Gradishte fortress, dated IV-VI AD, and XI-XII AD. The trail is unmarked, but his research led us to the western wall and watchtower areas, and we were thrilled to discover scattered period red brick pieces! Also featured are the Ring Rock [Халката] at the start and end of our journey, followed by the locals’ favorite chair lift, and early 1900’s aqueduct supplying mountain spring water to the town of Sliven along the upper section of the trail, all within the Blue Stones National Park [Сините Камъни].

Exploring several caves as part of our Bulgarian road trip, summer 2017.

The Easy Ascend

Family hike near Sliven, towards the peak of Kutelka; rock climbing optional.