Terms & Conditions

Welcome, welcome, please come on in! I presume we’ve gathered here today to figure out how to resolve disagreements, should they arise, and mainly, to answer the question that rules them all: “Is this returnable?”

But first, let’s make a brief introduction. Human behind these words here :-). I’m a mom to three school-aged boys, a wife, and a former professional who recently escaped the corporate world to focus on this creative endeavor. I love, and I mean *love* the convenience of online shopping, particularly a certain tropical rainforest, with free next-day delivery that has been my timesaving venue for a decade, together with several deal and flash-sale sites to keep our household supplied. My limited brick-and-mortar experiences revolve around weekly grocery shopping and local walkable mom-and-pop stores. Given the constraints of online shopping, I sometimes need to return the loot that appears at our doorsteps, particularly if numeric size doesn’t match physical attributes, or the item came in more pieces than the manufacturer intended. I know how important returns are.

As of the date of this writing, I’m the one-person band at shisharki.com. I’m thrilled with the idea of it, still not quite sure about all the practical implications. The responsibility of clear Terms and Conditions rests on my (not so fragile) shoulders. Please bear with me.

Terms and Conditions

I strive to deliver to you perceptible surges of happiness, preferably repeatedly, by the products and services at shisharki.com. If your experience was less than stellar, let’s resolve the issue promptly. Please e-mail me at mrunk(at)shisharki(dot)com. If you’re curious, “mrunk” is the cute sound of a grouchy child, before becoming troublesome. Mrunk@ gets high priority, being the single email that pops up with a notification on my cell phone. I will respond at my earliest ability, which still might take a smidge of time. Please provide a phone number if the issue is urgent and you’d like to be contacted soonest.

Yes, your purchase is returnable. Please send the offending item back within 10 days of receipt. Yes, I will fully refund your purchase price upon receipt of the offending item in its original condition and packaging. I cannot refund the shipping cost, nor cover the return shipping – unless I completely messed up and sent you the wrong thing, or the right thing broke en route (note to self to better package the next one), in which case you’re covered both ways. Customized products are non-refundable. With the main question out of the way, let’s get back to the beginning.

Online Transaction

Purchases at shisharki.com are processed through PayPal. To expedite the check-out process, and spare you data entry, shisharki.com uses the shipping information you have stored at PayPal (unless you specify a different shipping address). However, you do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase, and you can securely enter your credit card, shipping and billing information when prompted. At this time antiquated (checks) or futuristic (bitcoin) forms of payment are not accepted; for local pickup (see below) I suppose I could be persuaded to take cash.

Shipping and Handling

Shisharki.com does not ship internationally, U.S. shipping address only, please.

Please expect to receive your order at shisharki.com within a week of purchase. Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail, with delivery frame within three business days depending on your location. I’ll ship your item within one business day of your order. Yes, I acknowledge a whole week could be a long time to wait for something as cool as the items you see on shisharki.com, but expedited shipping tends to be pricier than the items themselves… If you do need expedited shipping anyway, please e-mail me at mrunk(at)shisharki(dot)com – very likely it could be arranged in two shakes of a lamb’s tail (to quote a favorite expression of my former boss; shake is an actual measure of time; and yes, I’m exaggerating). Please be aware that expedited shipping is only available per the respective carrier’s cost, which I need to obtain and provide to you, and you agree to pay via PayPal prior to shipment – all contingent on timely communication between us, I’m sure cell phones will be at play then, and you must really want the item that fast.

Local Pickup

Local pickup in the San Francisco Bay Area is available at no cost.  Sort of… You must be willing to endure coffee/tea at a local shop within 13-mile radius of Oakland, CA (yes, SF Financial District counts; no, North and South Bay are out), around 9am on a weekday, and chat with me briefly about the product you purchased and what brought you to shisharki. We’re both busy, it will be brief. I’m curious to meet shisharki customers, which I’m making the wild assumption are like-minded individuals, and better understand how my wearable art concept resonates with you. I’ll attempt to not upsell, however it’s not my fault if you fall in love with another item and *must* have it that very minute, cash only. (Hmm. This paragraph is a product of typing out loud, I had no such local pickup intentions until I was mid-way through it… leaving it be for now.)

Gift Wrap

If you’re purchasing a shisharki item as a gift, packaging will be super nice – gift box, ribbon, the works – at no extra charge, I love creative gift wrapping. Please specify gift on your order. However, if the product is for your enjoyment only, and no gift is specified, I might take the liberty to save a tree and reuse a shipping box, or use bubble mailer instead of a corrugated box. Please rest assured, your item will still arrive safely and look pretty, just not gift-giving perfect for the unwrapping.

Custom Orders

I am looking forward to completing custom wearable art orders – email me at create(at)shisharki(dot)com to get started on your out-of-this-world project. A conventional prom or gala dress is not wearable art, it would be no fun for me to make it, and multiple ateliers would be happy to take it on. If you are in need of a realistic Groot costume, have a month to spare and a budget to match, bring it on! At this time, custom orders are local to the San Francisco Bay Area. Custom orders commence after a deposit equaling half of the quoted price has been paid through PayPal.

On that note, I’m also eager to dip my toes in theatrical costumes. If you’re a local San Francisco East Bay group with a cool project in the works, on a very limited budget, and in need of a wardrobe hand, please drop me a note at create(at)shisharki(dot)com – I might be persuaded to work on your costumes at no charge, provided you pay for all materials, at cost, and allow me to unleash my creativity within your guidelines.

The Cat

The cat is Mishko, and he’s been with our family for nearly 15 years. He was a couple of weeks old, tiny, ratty, squeaky little rascal, found by friends of friends in some bushes, and sentenced to live in a box on their porch until they found him a home. Luckily, the sentence only lasted a few hours, as I happened to be at a party nearby and made the fateful call of “Honey, can we have another cat?!” What’s the difference between one and two cats, right, they’d make each other company… And he was so tiny, and helpless, and miserable, and ratty, and we could make all that better. But I digress. Point is, Mischo is family. He is also persona non grata in my studio, nonetheless, if allergies may be of concern, please be aware that there is a cat lurking nearby.


I enjoy making impossibilities possible if that happens to fulfill a creative challenge or has the potential to make someone (you) happy. When issues arise, as they invariably do, I consider myself a reasonable grown-up. I believe in communication and meeting somewhere along the way with other reasonable grown-ups to resolve the issues. In the end, we’d shake hands and walk away satisfied with the outcome. Cheers to keeping bridges intact.