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My privacy is truly important to me. Maybe a tad too important: I don’t plaster my children’s faces over social media, I wouldn’t link to my husband’s profile on professional networks (he was jokingly offended), and I certainly don’t tell the world where a friend and I just went for lunch… I presume you value your privacy. Respectively, your privacy is truly important to me. In a nutshell, I wouldn’t knowingly partake in any action that might compromise the information you provide while interacting with; I’ll use your information to fulfil the product or service request you placed with, and to connect with you should there be such need; I won’t share your information with anyone except when required by law. I might occasionally, and I mean rarely, send you a brief e-mail with an exciting new development or a special offer at is supported by WordPress.
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You don’t need a PayPal account to complete your purchase, and you can securely enter credit card and delivery information when prompted. occasionally links to third party websites, governed by their own privacy policies – while I wouldn’t link irresponsibly, it is up to you to ensure you’re okay with that respective privacy policy.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to connect at m(at)shisharki(dot)com (Yes, that’s me behind the ‘m’. Did I mention I value privacy?)