Within the tiny pinecones,
majestic forest lives.

Shisharki. Shi-`shar-ki. Doesn’t that sound fun? I’ve always enjoyed the rustling sound of the word. Shisharka has been my online avatar for more than a decade. The word continues to carry joy, inspiration and meaning, and naturally has become my new endeavor’s multifaceted namesake. Finding the domain available cemented the decision on Shisharki LLC.

Shisharki means pinecones, plural, in my native Bulgarian. Shisharka is a single pinecone.

Shisharki represent ideas.

Shisharki are everywhere. They are ubiquitous, plentiful, inconsequential. To the ground they plunge from their royal treetop perches; they’d be crushed by rocks, and trampled by paws; they’d be pecked by birds and torn to pieces by hungry squirrels; they’d lay dormant on a bed of darkened needles; they’d be carried home for decoration; they’d be buried in mud and wrapped in snow; they’d dry, and they’d rot, and they’d perish…. But some shisharki will catch on fire, a devastating, yet curative forest fire, for the seeds to escape their rigid spurs, and shelter in a patch of fertile soil; fragile seedlings would emerge; fostered by the ashes, embraced by sunshine, stroked by rain, the tiny evergreens struggle upwards, to rise and thrive; over time, over a long time, a redwood forest stands where once shisharki fell.  

I briefly hesitated whether to hereby confess my obliviousness to the symbolism of pinecones in world religions, art and spirituality throughout human history. I started researching if pinecones might hold negative connotation as a company namesake, only to discover their well-established, centuries-old association with enlightenment… A tad esoteric for me, yet fascinating; I’ll take it as a bonus. 

If you might still be reading, and care for more Bulgarian semantics, the second part of the word shisharki, ‘sharki’, has a meaning of its own – and no, it has nothing to do with ferocious sea creatures. Sharki means pattern, motifs mostly used in fabric… on point with my endeavor.

In a more immediate context, shisharki are the items, ideas and projects I’m choosing to work on now – wearable art, e-textiles, jewelry, photography, art, product prototyping, anything fabric, anything tangibly beautiful. This abstract concept presented an intimidating chicken-and-egg question: launch the website first with an empty store, or focus on product development to launch with sufficient inventory months later… Our extended summer trip to Bulgaria revealed a solution. I got to meet talented artists and craftspeople, and we found it a win-win to initially stock the shisharki store with their products. While promoting their work, I get to learn the ins and outs of an ecommerce site, product photography, and all the backend management and fulfilment that goes with it, with plenty of time to focus on my creative projects – and you get the opportunity to purchase unique, beautiful accessories, handmade in Bulgaria.

Many shisharki will rot, many will be crushed… And some will catch on fire (metaphorically speaking, of course)… Giant sequoias ahead.  

I trust that on these pages you’ll find shisharki that bring you joy. Feel free to reach out with any questions. I’d be thrilled to make something extraordinary just for you.
Let’s create(at)shisharki(dot)com.